About Cornrows.co.uk

Sis. NicoleCornrows.co.uk first began in 1998 along with ModernTraditional.com to center African natural hairstyling. At the time, there were very few resources for braiders and natural hairstylists on or offline. We grew and eventually bought the domain in the early 2000’s and for awhile things went well. I was even running an online natural hairstyling course.

Then content theft happened. Basically, all my content was stolen and repackaged into courses that people are still making money off of today. It is very disheartening, and when I had some health struggles come up in 2018, I just didn’t have the energy to deal with it or the money to pay lawyers to chase people down across the ocean. I just took everything down and put it aside.

Now I’m back, and trusting in truth and time. Content thieves tend to be victims of their own success. Once they and a million others are stealing the same content, eventually the algorithm is overcrowded. Waiting them out was apparently the best thing to do.

They can steal every word of this site, but unless they are actual braiders/natural hairstylists, they can’t really teach anyone. They won’t have proof of their work. They won’t know what’s going on in the community, nor do they really care. Eventually people figure it out. So here I am.

Blessings and Ashe!

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