Hello World and Dedication

Eshu Eshu Elegbara! Master of the Gate between the Orun and the Ayé!

Thank you for the opportunity to build this site for the benefit of the children of Oduduwa, Auset, and other great African and diaspora Ancestors!

Eshu Elegbara! Master of Fortune and Misfortune!

May we continue to be a good resource to help our people maintain and enhance their beauty, and build stable businesses!

Eshu Elegbara! He who minds every doorway, every corner, and every border!

Please keep this site in your protection, and hold accountable those who misuse it!

Ashé! Ashé and Ashé!


About Sis. Nicole Lasher

Webmatron of Cornrows.co.uk and other sites in the ModernTraditional.com network.

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