Flamingo Phoenix Eyeshadow Instructions

Flamingo Phoenix Palettes The Flamingo Phoenix is a very beautiful but flamboyant style meant for performing, stage, and photography situations. It’s definitely not a day look unless whatever you’re doing involves patent red stilletto heels.  Here are the basic palettes for this look. Notice that not all of the colors for the cool palette are cool, and that a couple of the warms are borderline.

The idea is to create a look that resembles a flamingo or mythical phoenix’s wing above the eye. It goes well with glam and feather false eyelashes.

Stage performers will want to do this one with a heavier hand, while those posing for photos or going to special occasions will use a lighter hand.

Here’s how to create the look.  This example is on a cool dark complexion.

flamingo01 First, lay down your colors. Line your eyes and the fold of your eyelid with the darkest color.  Then fill in the eyelid with the next darkest, and put an additional line just above the fold.  Streak above the line of the upper lid, and under the arch of 3/4 of the brow with the second lightest color.
flamingo02 Blend them very well, upwards and outwards.  The colors in the fold should fade into one another, and the under brow streak should still look somewhat striking.
flamingo03 Open your eyes, and look to see where you may need more emphasis.  You may need to add more of the darkest color to the fold, or add more of the second lightest here and there.  Definitely you will need to cool it down if you’re cool complexioned, with a bluish white pearl metallic, or glitter color under the brow, at the center of the eyelid, and at the inner corner under the eye.
flamingo04 Now, blend these well.  For a more dramatic effect, use a smudging brush to make some pointed “feathers” at the outer area.
flamingo phoenix Finish the look with a blue-black or navy blue mascara.  If you’re more adventurous, use gold mascara on the lashes of the outer edge.  Phoenixes (warm complexioned people) may want to use dark wine brown and gold mascaras.

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