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Criss-cross cornrows by Katelynylyn.

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Katelynylyn has an excellent cornrows video series at YouTube.  She very neat and speaks clearly, explaining everything thoroughly as she goes along.

We have a transcript for the hearing impaired.


0:06:  Today, I'm going to demonstrate how to do criss-cross cornrows.

0:09:  To start this hairstyle, I have divided her head into four parts.

0:13:  I've started by doing a part from one ear to the other ear, so that I would have a front section, and a back section.

0:25:  Then I've parted from [the center of] her forehead, down to her neck, so that I would have a left side, and a right side.

0:33:  So, to do the criss-cross cornrows, I need to have an even number of rows, because they're going to be in pairs of two, crossing each other.

0:42:  So I'm going to take the left side, and I'm going to make four rows here, and I'm going to make four rows on the right side.

0:49:  I'll show you my parts after I have them finished.

0:53:  Okay, so now I've parted the two [main] sections into four [sections] each, so now I've got 2, 4, 6, 8 sections.

1:06:  These are going to cross each other.

1:07:  Now I'm going to use little clips like this [showing small hair clips] to just hold the hair out of the way.

1:14:  And I'll even clip this down further [taking multiple sections together] just so that hair doesn't get in my way while I'm braiding.

1:23:  I'll do the same on this side, then I'm going to start by working on these two sections that are going to criss-cross each other.

1:32:  Okay, so now I'm going to split this row into three sections, so now I'm going to make a part across here. So there's one part.

1:48:  Then I'm going to make another part, a bit farther back.

2:09:  And then I'm going to clip them out of the way.

2:15:  And then I'm going to take the other row, and make the parts in the exact same places, going across the row.

2:48:  So now, between these two rows, we've got six separate sections.

2:54:  We'll need some more clips to clip these out of the way.

2:57:  Oh, actually, let's do this.  Welll, okay.

3:05:  What I'm going to do is I'm going to start [corn]rowing this one, and it's going to move over to this one, and then back over to this side.

3:16:  So I'm actually going to clip these out of the way, ever other one, and that's going to be easier.

3:33:  We'll need one more clip.

3:42:  I'll clip that out of the way.

3:44:  Okay I've combed out each of these sections so that the'll be nice and smooth as I start cornrowing.

3:52:  I'm going to put gel on them so that'll keep them from getting frizzy.

4:03:  Gel at each section, then I'll get started.

4:26:  So I'm going to start with this braid, with this row that I have here on my left.

4:40:  And I have another video that demonstrates or explains how I do my cornrows, so if you need to learn how to do cornrows, you'll have to check my other video.

4:55:  I'm just going to start rowing.

5:27:  Okay, now I've come to the end of that section of hair.

5:32:  Now I'm going to do a few stitches of braid without adding any hair.

5:37:  I did about 3 or 4 stitches.

5:42:  And I'm going to go right over to get to the front of this new section.

5:50:  And I'm going to start just like I would normally cornrow, and start pulling hair from this row.

6:28:  Okay I've used all the hair in that section now, so I'll do the same thing, a few stitches of braid without adding any hair.

6:38:  Then I'm going to come back over to this section, back to the left.

6:42:  Looks like I'm going to need a few more stitches, as many as it takes to get to the front of the new section, and start grabbing hair from there.

6:53:  I continue on my left.

7:28:  So now I've gone through all three sections, and I'll braid this all the way down to the end.

7:50:  So the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to now, unclip these sections.

8:01:  I'm going to do the exact same thing.  I'm going to brush these all out 'til they're smooth, put the gel on on them, and then I'm going to cornrow, and when I cross, it's going to overlap these braids that we already have, and it's going to criss-cross back through.

8:15:  So I'll show you that in just a minute...


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