Video Submission Guidelines

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Video Submissions

As you probably already know, is a top ranking website on braiding and natural hairstyling for a good reason.  We focus on more content and less hype, in an easily readable and fast loading layout and formats.

In keeping with that style, we have special instructions for those of you out there who make braiding and other African style, fashion, dance, and arts videos.  We appreciate your hard work, and want you to get the most exposure possible.  What benefits you will benefit us because we're serious about teaching the world about braiding, and you are part of that.

Acceptable Video Hosts

Because of our concerns about loading time and safety, we prefer that any videos you submit, be hosted on YouTube or Google Video.  You do not have to allow embedding or downloading if you don't want to.  Linking is fine.

Additional Information

Because some readers may be hearing impaired, we ask that if it is possible, you provide a transcript, if your video does not have captions.  We prefer videos with captions though, and if yours has them, it will get priority listing here.

When you send us your YouTube username or URL's to specific videos, please provide basic descriptions.  Also, let us know your homepage and any other business information.  We want to help you to promote your efforts.

What Should Be In Your Email

In summary, your email to us should contain...

Your name or nickname, as you want it to be viewed on this site:
Your YouTube username or link to your YouTube profile:
URL's (web addresses) to specific videos you want us to look at, and brief descriptions:
Your homepage and any other business information you want folks on this site to know:

If you think any more is needed, send whatever you have.  If you send us enough, you'll get a whole featured page or directory so your info is easy to find here.  Anytime you want it updated, just send me an email.

You ready?  Then send me your video links!

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