Long Locs Headwrap Instructions

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Long hair is a beautiful thing to have, but it can often be a bit of a bother.  This is a special way of head covering for those with longer hair.  I'm using braids or locs as the example, but this looks great with a larger Afro as well.

First, center one of the ends of the short side of the scarf with your forehead.  Note that I've bordered the short sides so you can see where they are.


Then tie the corners of the short side together at the nape of your neck.  Careful not to catch any hairs.  (Ouch!)


At about the middle of the long sides, you're going to bunch up a little of the fabric and tie them together.  This is harder to do with sportswear weight cloth than with thin cotton gauze, so if your wrap is a bit heavy you may want to just pleat them once and pin them securely here.


Now bring the lower short side up around your head and tie the corners together.  This should be just in front of your crown area.


Then tuck in the loose ends.


You can also twist or roll the short side.


...or twist it and use it to tie around the pocket your hair is in.

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