The Tiara Cornrows Pattern

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This is a pattern for a simple and yet regal looking cornrowed style reminiscent of a tiara type crown that can be used to help create an African queen costume.  This updo looks especially good on BBW's because it frames the face without covering it up.  It can also be done with as little as ten cornrows or French braids.

For the sake of the pattern, the red lines are where parts should be approximately, and the blue lines are where braids should be.  This is not an exact science, so space them or narrow them as you please.

Notice the zig-zag lines?  This is what is referred to as the honeycomb pattern.  Do not part at each point.  Part at every other point, so that each braid should begin or end at a point.  All of the braids in this style are going towards the center zig-zag.

Continue to braid the hair left when the row is ended so that you have overlapping braids.  Then curve those braids around into loops and secure then with a bobby pin.  To make it even more cute, you can use those tiny butterfly clips or dragonfly barettes.

In the end, it will look something like this.

For an even more dazzling look, you can use a bright color of synthetic hair or ribbon in the braids.

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