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Somehow, this style became known as the "Iverson", even though I've never seen a photo of him wearing this one.  Yet when people say they want it, they mean this:

The Iverson Cornrows Style

Sections of horizontal rows leading towards the center of the section.  Be aware that even though the technique is easy, this style takes some hours to do neatly.  Choose a day when you have at least 3-4 hours to spare.

Even though Allen Iverson is known to wear all sorts of styles, this one apparently stuck in people's minds as something special, probably because it is obviously a work of art.  This was no overpriced quickie that is so often seen on celebrities these days who are going for an "ethnic" look.  Someone put some time and care into it.

Start by separating out the major sections.  Follow along the shape of the head so that you have at least four.
Then split each of those sections in two.
Each of the major sections is going to consist of two subsections that have smaller rows going towards one another.
It is difficult to impossible on most heads to have them perfectly aligned, 1:1 rows, but the objective here is to try to get as symmetrical a look as possible.

All of them should be narrow, as this will help with achieving the most symmetrical look.

The hair that is left in the center should be left loose, and clipped in place so that it is out of the way while you're working.

When you have completed the smaller rows on both sides of the subsections, gather and cornrow the hair that was left at the middle.
Now, with this style, you can do straight or curvy parts.  Be as creative as you please.  Here's a photo of another style I did for the same model, going with a sort of a heart shape and gathering the left hair from each section separately:

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