The Fallback Cornrows Pattern

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Here's a "wake and shake" cornrows (track braids) style that will give you a great dramatic look for holidays without too much daily maintenance.

The style takes approximately 2 hours for a less experienced braid artist, and perhaps an hour to an hour and a half for a more experienced one.

The Plan:

Longer rows along the side of the head and across the nape, and short rows running from the front towards the back.  Then individual braids on the top and three quarters of the back.  The rows in the front should not be tracked more than six stitches.  Remember not to braid them too tightly.
The reason this pattern is arranged thusly is so that a scarf can be worn to bed without ruining the style, and to minimize any tugging that would happen to the back.

One's real hair can be used for this style if it is long and either braided or naturally wavy.  If the hair is short, spiral curl or French wave extensions can be added.

In the end, it should look something like this.

Happy hairstyling!

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