Dress Up Your Dreads With a Chinese Braid

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How to Do a Chinese Braid
with color illustrations and a photo

A Chinese braid is very much like a French braid, but with two strands.  It is a low tension but secure style that is made for long hair, and therefore very useful to people with mature dreadlocks.

Though this style is called a Chinese braid, there are actually a great many Chinese braids and knots.  This is why searching for this style on the internet can be confusing.  However, rest assured that you have indeed found your way to the Chinese style two-strand overhand trackbraid, that is actually predated by a two strand track braid popular among desert tribal people in Africa who have long but very tightly curled hair.

Starting at about the center of your forehead, at the hairline, take a small amount of hair or a few locs from your right side, and cross it over to the left.
Then take a bit from the left side, and cross it over to the right.  Make sure the ends are far apart from one another.
Again, take some hair from the right side, and cross it over to the left.  Then take some from the left, and cross it over to the right.  Remember that you are mainly working with hair from the hairline.  The outer hair is basically going to contain the rest of the hair inside.  This is why there is very little tension.
Keep taking a bit of hair from the hairline area, and crossing it over.  When you run out of hairline, just keep going by taking hair from the underside and wrapping it around and crossing over.

You can either keep it split, and put it into two braids or ponytails, or join it using a strong large barette or if you have locs, a decorated pin.

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