Dress Up Your Dreads: 3-bangle Style

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3-bangle Hairstyle for Dreadlocks and Braids

You knew when you first got them, that dreadlocks are a serious commitment.  We all do get bored with the same hairstyle all the time though.  There are also times that call for an updo, such as work, summer, prom, and other formal occasions.

So from one loc wearer to another, here's a cute style I did for myself using three plastic bangles.


Basically, you just imagine your hair in three sections.  Put the front section through a bangle.  It should be loose, and only fill about half of it.  Then move down to the next section, and put in that hair, plus what you put through the first bangle.  Then go to the back, and put all of the rest of your hair, and also what you put through the first and second bangles, through the last one.

Then bring it all back up, and tuck the ends back through what's left of the space in the first bangle.  Pull the ends through so that they lean whichever way you like.  Gravity will hold it all in place.

People with very thick locs might want to use four bangles.

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