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Cornrows with Soft Angles

Soft angles are accomplished by giving a stitch or two of slack, and then bringing a bit of hair from the corner firmly into the braid..
You have to really go with the flow of the hair.  First of all, when you part, you might need to make the angles more acute than you think.  Less tight angles give a more vague look than you might like.  It'll come out looking more like a curve.  So remember that even though it's more work to make tighter angles, especially when you're doing a full zig zag style, the end result will be worth it.
Cornrow until you're almost at the corner, and then stop.
Temporarily separate a bit of the hair at the corner.
Braid two individual braid stitches in the row you just stopped.
Now take that hair that you just separated it, and add it to the middle strand from the underside.

As you pull this upward, take the hair you just added with it.

Allow the slack you made with the two extra stitches, to bunch up at the corner.

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