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Natural Hairstyles and Hair Care

Beads,Braids, and Beyond – a blog about braiding and cornrowing by a mom of an adorably cute “biracial” (multi ethnic) girl.  Warning! This site may make you want to have another baby.


Ethnic and Tradition Based Beauty and Fashion

Alluring Looks  - Beauty expertise for women of color.  Articles, links, and vital information for maintaining your own and your man’s special beauty. - Beauty, skin care, and makeup for women with darker skin complexions. - Pages with information on a variety of ethnic clothing, beauty, and cooking styles. Links and Info – Search for a variety of sites on Black hair care, including this one :)

Costumer’s Manifesto - A good resource for world and period styles for those in theater and historical reenactment.

Low Price Style - Hot clothes and accessories at cool prices.  We scan the net for the best deals and post about them so you can catch the sales.

General Beauty and Hair Care

World of Hair - Hair and beauty supplies.  They carry argan oil, which is one of the best moisturizing oils for detangling African hair without breaking it down with high pH.  Instead of melting the hair, it slickens the outer layer, making it easier to comb and stronger with time.

BeautyWorlds - Tons of useful information on the subject of beauty, its history, and its relationship to culture.

Beauty Wonderland  – Nail and body art supplies.

Cool Men’s Hairstyles - a blog and style guide of all sorts of men’s hairstyles.

Hairfinder – Find everything about hairstyles and hairstyling.

Hair Listing - links to hair care and styling sites.


Cornrows and Braiding Specific

Dreamweaver Braids – Specializes in Celtic and other European styles of braiding, this is a great resource for natural styling in long, straighter hair.  With photos and instructions you’ll be doing many great styles of braids and knots in no time. – Free illustrated step by step instructions on how to braid cornrows and Senegalese
twists. Free Basic Instructions and Advanced Pro Membership - Celebrity hair artist Nedjetti based in NYC/NJ offer natural hairstyles
to all and shares haircare tips, photos, advice and more.

Nyima – Braiding photos, style information, and salon in German (Deutsch).

Cornrows Designs – an info grabber style blog that finds blogs, feeds, and images on cornrows from around the web.

Dreadlocks and Matted Styles Specific

Journeys, History, InformationRecipes, Products, Locticians

Personal Dreadlock Journeys:

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Products: – a free gallery for makers and sellers of dreadlock beads.  Find out who’s selling what, and order straight from the artists.

History and Issues:

Rastafarianism @Wikipedia – A quick guide to the basics.

Dreadlocks @Wikipedia

Style and basic how-to information:

Ask Yahoo – How do you form dreadlocks?

Yahoo Directory – Dreadlocks

Search for a dreadlocks site in your language at

Hair Extensions – A ton of useful information for people who want to learn to create hairstyles with extensions as well as hair pieces.  They are THE place to get information for creating dreadlock like extensions.

Hair Oil and Treatment Recipes:


Hair Care Products, Hair for Weaving and Braiding,
and Appliances

Razzamataz - Shampoo, conditioner, and styling products that help hair to maintaing a proper moisture balance.

For the best in beauty salon equipment please visit!

Beads and Accessories

Enterprise Art – A vast selection of plastic and glass pony beads and other large hole beads and bars great for use in braiding.

Profoundia - Bindi, mehndi paste, tikka, bags, and many reasonably priced accessories. – Where to get hand made dreadlock beads, and a free gallery for dreadlock bead artists.

Hats and Headwraps

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Mehndi and Other Temporary Body Art

Profoundia- Beautiful bindi, mehndi paste, and Indian jewelry, accessories, and decorations.


Tattoing and Other Body Modification

Education and Training

Sisterlocks – A technique of creating super thin matted locs that can be styled, curled, and styled in various ways.  It is a great way of maintaining natural hair and keeping style versatility at the same time.

National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology – The real US national standard for all fields of cosmetology including Natural Hairstyling.  If you need to know what you need to know before practicing professionally whether you intend to pursue licensing or not, then this is the place to find out.

California Academy of Science’s TAP page on West African Braiding.

Heartwood Institute – Literature based character and ethics education for preschool through sixth grade.

Spirituality and Self Help

Roots and Rooted – African and diaspora spirituality and Vodun. - A free community and information center for spiritual counselors and conventional therapists who are expanding their practice to include matters of the soul. – Readings, rootwork, and ceremonies to bring you fast luck and blessings.  Also,
do-it-yourself kits and information on Vodun, Obeah, and other African diaspora belief systems.  Addition to our altar is free.  We only charge for ceremonies and rootwork according to our costs.  You only donate more when the root work works.

Papa Jim Botanica – Herbs, oils, crystals, and other spiritual supplies.  I can personally vouch for their quality and service.  They helped a good friend of mine who had been poisoned by something only an old ways
medicine man would even think of, that conventional doctors overlooked.


Hair Extension Jobs - specializing in Hair Extension Jobs & Hair Extension Recruitment. Search for that new job, upload your resume, search our training directory and much more.

Legal Assistance and Advice

LawGuru - Directory of lawyers and legal information sites.

Other Great Web Resources

The Dollar Stretcher - A massive collection of articles that will help you to learn to save more money.  From lifestyle tips, to recipes, to investment advice and real work at home ideas.  This is *the* resource for living within your means, and saving money so you’ll be able to focus on the important things in life, like family. – Black expatriates community and news. – Get fit, improve your overall health, and lose weight (if you need to) by eating natural, nutrient dense food like our ancestors.

AQ Host – A great webhost that accepts Paypal.  Fast, reliable, inexpensive, and the host of this very website.

Uncensored Hosting – Adult web hosting for ethical mature content sites.  Both adult and general audience sites allowed, with a great package of resources.  Accepting major credit cards and PayPal.

House of Lime - Wonderful fonts and dingbats for linkware and commercial use.

Favicon Maker – Make a favorites icon for your website free. – Nurturing people unite to help others with homespun expert advice.

All RSS Feeds - Submit your RSS feed for inclusion in this free directory., free web site submission and promotion to the search engines

BlackRefer - African and diaspora search and links. – How to do almost anything.


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