Wear An Easy African Head Wrap

wrap01thDuring times when our hair needs to “rest” from braiding or we need protection from dust, a headwrap can be very handy.  Here are some instructions with illustrations for an easy and secure headwrap.  You’d see this one alot in the summer months in the Mediterranean and in orthodox communities year round.

First, you simply center one of the long sides on your head, and toss
the rest back.  You may have lots of extra left, but don’t worry about
it.  This will be what actually holds the hair in.


Then you gather your hair inside the long ends of the scarf, and twist
the scarf around it.  Do not twist your hair.  This would cause
the same kind of tension as if you were pulling it into a tight bun or
ponytail.  Use the scarf to wrap your hair.


Then feel to find where your hair ends, and start twisting tightly after
that.  Twist almost to the very ends of the scarf.


Bring this twisted end under and up to the back of your head.


Wrap this around to form a sort of enclosed ponytail.  Remember
not to do this too tightly.


Then tuck the ends into the underside or if you have a long end left,
wrap it twice and tuck or pin it.

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