How to Braid Cornrows

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It has come to my attention that some readers may download the guide and think they now know everything necessary to do this style on other people.  So even though the beginner's instructions are still free, you should read our news, join our Cornrows Yahoo! Group or our Google Group.  In them you'll get the personal support to cornrow safely.  You may even meet a braider in your area who can help you.  You should also check out our Frequently Asked Questions About Cornrows in case you have a question that has been asked before.

If you already know how to cornrow, click here for a couple of easy and free cornrows patterns for beginners to try out.

If you're considering braiding as a business, then you definitely want to take some of our courses and free workshops in the Learning Center, like Braiding in Festivals.

How to Do Cornrows:

How to braid cornrows basic instructions.  Click to go to the long version.  Right-click to save.
The process should look something like this:
Cornrow Animation


You may also want to check out for larger, more detailed instructions and illustrations that are color coded and easier to understand.  There is also a Super Duper Long Version, also in color, with a bit nicer illustrations, and better tips for starting a row and avoiding confusion.

If you have benefitted artistically or financially from learning to cornrow at this site or in our group, click here for ways you can support this site for free.

If you'd like to learn even more about natural hairstyling, then...

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African Hairstyles

I take care of my students.  They are after all, the supporters of this site.  Whatever they get from this effort, they have given much more to the world than their course fees.  So I am grateful to them.  After you complete any of my courses, you're still free to write me with any questions you may have.  Also if you're in Israel or when I visit my family in the U.S. I am happy to meet.  I announce in the Yahoo! group when and where I'll be.

Who's linking here?

I really appreciate the folks who have helped to promote this site over the years.  I do check my referrals, so here is a list of the people I've found who link to this page.  If you're not listed here, and you'd like to be, write me to let me know where you're linking to this page.

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