Crochet Dreadlocks

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Aside of the myths about the lack of care and maintenance of dreadlocks, some of the most popular misinformation concerns how to crochet dreadlocks.  Unfortunately there are alot of people out there who don't think long term, but those who've actually followed their mistaken advice ended up with long term problems with their locs.

Despite what you've been told before, crochetting locs has nothing to do with doubling the hair back through the root bed of the loc.  Any real loctician will tell you that.    Doing that will split the loc at the root, and make an unsightly knot that will become more visible as the hair grows longer.

So here are instructions for how to really tighten up your locs, or create locs with slick hair by crochetting.

Of course, if you're creating new locs, you'll need to think about the pattern.  Crochetted locs can be a little wispier than typical twist and back-comb only locs.  So consiser that what you'll be doing if you have straight hair is twisting and back-combing, and then crochetting the hair before it starts repelling and therefore unravelling.
Now take one of your sections of hair.  If you have straight hair, this is the point when you start twisting gently but back-combing like mad.  Once you have a nice long puff, continue to the next step.  If you already have naturally coiled (3c, "biracial", Moroccan, tight-Polish spiral-wave) or Afro-kinky hair (4a, 4b), don't worry about the back-combing.  Just mash it together, or twist it mildly until it coils a little loosely.
Push the crochetting needle through a small subsection of the loc.  This should only be maybe 10-20 hairs thick.
A little further down the loc, twist it until at least the side of the loc that was away from you, is now facing towards you.
Then push the needle through some hair that is at about a 45 degree angle from where your initial loop is.
Pull this second loop through the first one.
Twist the hair at least a quarter turn more, and then push the needle through a little more hair at about a 45 degrees angle from the last loop.
Then pull this loop through the last one.

Continue this cycle of twisting and looping until you run out of hair.  Then pull the last loop all the way through until it's loose.

...and that's how you crochet locs for real.

If you have any questions, feel free to write.  :-)

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