How to do Flat Twists

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Flat twists, also called cornrolls, is a good beginning technique for those who haven't quite yet gotten the hang of cornrows.  You can create a beautiful style so long as you part the hair nicely.
First, plan your style.  Think about what kind of parting pattern you want to make.
After you've planned, part out your first row, and secure the rest of the hair away from it, so that you don't get it tangled into your row.  You can use hair clips or rubber bands.
Next, take a small amount of hair from the beginning of your row.
Divide this hair into two strands.
Cross the right strand under the left.
Bring both of them down towards yourself.
Take a small amount of hair from further down the row.
Join the hair you've just picked up with the left strand, and begin to twist the right strand under the left.
Now they've switched places...
Take more hair from further down the row.
Add this hair to the left strand, and twist it around.  Continue the cycle of twisting and adding, until you've finished the row.  The rest of the hair that is left can be secured with a rubber band or braided.
If you have any questions, feel free to write.  :-)
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