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How to Braid CornrowsHow to Braid Cornrows: The Long Version - Larger illustrations of the step-by-step guide with additional notes and tips.  How to solve issues that normally come up in cornrowing, such as hand positioning, too much tension, and fatigue.  You can read by section: or have it all on one page.  If you're just starting out, you might want to learn How to Do Flat Twists (Cornrolls) or How to Do a "Chinese Braid" first.

Caring for African HairCaring for African Hair - Everything you want to know about the care and maintenance of type 3c to 4b "Afro kinky" hair.  From washing and combing and brushing without tears, to parting techniques, and beading.
  • Caring for African Hair Overview - A basic overview of caring for African textured hair.  Things you need to know to make a pain free styling and maintenance experience.
  • Beading - Illustrated instructions on how to put beads on the ends of braids using the wire method.
  • The Art of Parting - Detailed information on parting, with illustrated styling patterns.
  • Sane Hair Straightening - Straightening the hair as a style choice and not a societal obsession.  Warnings about common but hair killing practices done to relaxed hair that you should know about.

Tree Braids - Basic tips on tree braiding, with helpful step by step video links.

How to Box Braid and frequently asked questions about box braiding.

How to Make Dreadlock BeadsHow to Make Dreadlock Beads
Illustrated instructions on how to make seriously durable and beautiful beads for dreadlocks.  It's more than just a tube of clay.

When you're done, show your beads at the gallery!

How to Crochet Dreadlocks - I know what you've been told, but here's the real method for crochetting locs, with color illustrations.

Braiding Terms in Swahili - a few words related to braiding and hairstyling in Swahili.

Other interesting stuff at our mother site
African Clothing Guide: Information about various African clothing items, useful African culture links, and a guide to buying African clothes.

How to Tie a Wrapper:  The basic unstitched garment, worn all over Africa, often referred to as an African saree.

Chakula cha Mchana! Time for Lunch:  Long before there was bento, Africans were making beautiful and portable meals on the go.

Makeup for Darker Complexions:  A fully color illustrated guide on how to apply makeup, for darker skinned women.  It's not just about how light or dark, but your undertones too.  See our color range, and what colors and methods look best on us.  More makeup and beauty advice at our new site

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