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This site is financed by the online courses and ad revenue.  It doesn't always make much money, but it costs money and many hours to keep this site and its associated sites alive.  If you don't wish to take the certificate online courses, there are many ways you can support this site for free.  Don't worry, I don't sign up for things that will lead to internet annoyances.

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First, you can simply tell other people about this site and about the course.  Click here to view the enrollment page.  Copy the URL, and give it to a friend who may benefit from it.  Remember, we also have a Learning Center with great free courses and workshops like...

How to Make Hair Beads

Feel free to download any of the course banners to link to this site.

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Second, if you are a webmaster, you can join TrafficSwarm.  You won't have to pay anything, and this traffic exchange program really works. Click here to join TrafficSwarm and increase your site's traffic FREE. 

Shop Here

Since you have to buy braiding supplies anyway, you can find whatever you would have to order online here in our store.  It has all you need from Kanekalon synthetic hair extensions, to human hair, to the good hair wax, to rat tail combs of many kinds.

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Another great way of supporting this site is to visit our link partners.  It is nice for them to know where some of their traffic comes from.  You can also write them to tell them how you found their site.  If you see any articles that I have written on their sites, please give any positive feedback that you have.

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You can also trade links with us. Click here to see our links page.  As you can see, I categorize them well, and they are all relevent to topics that this site covers.
We are happy to trade links with any websites related to hair care, beauty, and legitimate home employment and contracting opportunities!

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Last but not least, if you are selling any African clothing or accessories, or braids or dreadlocks related items, you should post your link in our news area (blog).  It is important to me that this be a real community where we support one another in practical ways.  You can also send me your information and a banner ad to post in various areas around the sites.

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